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Review: Maybelline Rocket Mascara

Hey guys! So there’s been a ton of new products coming out lately at the drugstore but the Maybelline Rocket Mascara has been catching a lot of attention. Here’s my review that you can gander over before making a purchase. 




The brush reminds me a lot of Covergirl’s LashBlast but the Maybelline one has more tiny, prominent bristles that are a lot harder. Kind of like rubber and plastic fused as one. The one downside is that because it’s so hard, it feels uncomfortable when it hits your waterline. The bristles are also very short. So you have to spend a little bit more time than usual getting product on. (The blue part isn’t where the bristles start btw, it’s just inside the clear part)

Here’s a comparison of other popular drugstore brushes to the Rocket:


(Left-Maybelline Falsies, Middle-Covergirl Lashblast, Right-Rocket)


This mascara is definitely buildable and does such a great job lengthening. However, It doesn’t volumize my lashes at all but usually I combine mascaras anyways so I could use any of my volumizing mascaras with this and it’ll probably be amazing!  I’m not sure how the regular formula is but the waterproof version does a decent job of holding my straight lashes.  *Also, I noticed that the waterproof version only had up to “Very Black” while the regular version went up to a darker black “Blackest Black”


Overall I think this is an amazing lengthening mascara! Great price as well (about $5-6 at Target) Btw I don’t have double lids, it just looks like it because I was looking up LOLL. Anyways, thanks for reading! 

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