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Easy Beach Waves Hair Tutorial | StellaKay ›

Want to learn how to get beach waves in 10 minutes? Click on the link!

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Anonymous asked: Hey I just wanna tell you as a girl with monolids your tips really helped me since I just started wearing makeup (I'm going into 9th grade btw) and literally everytime I tried to do most makeup looks on YouTube they never work out so thank you!!

Ah omg thank you! It really means a lot that I helped even one person. I’ll definitely put out more tutorials accompanied by videos to help out anyone with monolids!(: -Stella

Everyday Eye Makeup Routine | Monolid Makeup ›

Due to high numbers of notes on my monolid tutorial I finally made a video tutorial! It’s actually my first one so please be nice(: I’m slowly learning along with all of you guys! Check out my new channel: StellaKay



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