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Maybe if Tom Hiddleston stopped rolling up his sleeves like a dirty whore we wouldn’t be having this Tumblr problem.

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Drugstore Holy Grail Products


Hey guys we’re back from the dead! Now that college apps and all that mess is over we’ll try getting back to posting more frequently and hopefully start making videos to go along with posts possibly (: 

Anyways, here are my holy grail drugstore products that are absolutely amazing and totally worth more than you actually pay for. 

1. Elf Kabuki Brush: 
Seriously guys, it’s so soft I can’t believe it was only 3 dollars. It’s     
    amazing as a finishing powder brush to quickly swipe across your face
    honestly it’s flipping amazing for only 3 dollars I can’t get over it. 

2. Maybelline Rocket (Waterproof):
The fact that I went through three tubes already is a good sign that I 
    absolutely love this product with all my heart. It holds my straight asian
    lashes (leans more towards a dry formula) and lengthens my lashes like 
    crazy. Great base for layering mascara too and nice dark black color. 

3. Elf Eyelid Primer: 
It’s one dollar and it gets the job done, need I say more? 

4. Loreal True Match Concealer:
    Already on my second tube and I love to use this concealer on 
    breakout areas and acne scars and redness around the nose. It’s not
    too thick or too liquidy so it covers pretty well. I would say medium. The
    new tubes have a doe foot applicator instead of a brush so it’s so much

5. Loreal Super Slim Liquid Liner:
    product. It has a super super fine tip that’s easy to control and probably
    the most long lasting liner I’ve used and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of liners

6. NYC Sunny Bronzer:
Works just as well as any high end bronzer for just a fraction of the 
    price. Super affordable and it doesn’t give off that reddish mud look on 
    your face. You could never go wrong with this bronzer for a nice glow
    or contour. 


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